Dental Health Month - Time to Focus on your Dog's Oral Wellbeing

26th Jan 2022

February is Dental Health Month, so there's no better time than this to focus on your dog's teeth. Here we answer some of your questions about dogs' dental health.

Do dogs suffer from gum disease?

Yes! Gum disease is a bigger problem in dogs than in humans because dogs have more alkaline in their mouth and they don't get their teeth brushed every day. 

What other dental health issues might by dog have?

Oral diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis can be extremely painful and lead to more serious problems involving the kidneys, heart, and liver.

Signs of periodontal disease include:

  • Difficulty picking up food
  • Bleeding or inflamed gums
  • Loose teeth
  • Blood in saliva
  • Strange noises when eating
  • Pawing at mouth
  • Excessive drooling
  • And of course, bad breath

If left untreated, pets may need veterinary intervention with their oral care. This would require putting the dog under anaesthetic – a cost most pet insurances don’t cover, leaving you with a hefty vet bill.

What products can help my dog's dental health?

TropiClean Fresh Breath offers a range of no brushing products, all of which are incredibly easy to give to your pet. They are made with naturally derived ingredients that help fight plaque, tartar, and bad breath. 

TropiClean Fresh Breath Dental Health Solution for Dogs now carries the Veterinary Oral Health Seal of Acceptance for plaque control and the National Animal Supplement Council Quality Seal of Approval.

Simply add half a capful to 8oz of your dog’s water bowl twice daily for fresher breath and cleaner teeth. When added to your dog’s water bowl, a unique blend of ingredients helps provide up to 12 hours of fresh breath and defend against the new formation of plaque and tartar.

Dental Health Solutions are available in a range of formats including Hip & Joint Support, Skin Support, and Digestive Support.

Fresh Breath Clean Teeth Oral Care Gels help remove plaque and tartar and come in a range of delicious flavours including fresh mint, berry fresh, peanut butter, and vanilla mint.

Fresh Breath Dental Wipes provide a safe and easy, and gentle way to remove plaque and tartar.

Cat and Puppy versions are available in Dental Health Solutions, Gels and Oral Care Kits. Establish an oral care routine early with your puppy so it becomes a normal part of their everyday life.

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