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TropiClean Grooming Products are a range of ready-to-use (no need to dilute) shampoos and conditioners, all of which are soap and paraben free and will not wash away a spot-on flea treatment.

By using a natural solution on your pet, essential oils which your dog’s coat needs will be maintained, ensuring a longer lasting fresh smelling coat.


TropiClean shampoos are all enhanced with a mild coconut cleanser blended with other tropical extracts to create a luxurious lather that cleans and nourishes. They smell amazing and leave your pet’s skin and coat healthy and soft and ready to snuggle!

Shampoos & Conditioners


TropiClean shampoos are suitable for dogs and cats and come in a wide variety of functions, including a 2in1 conditioner, hypoallergenic, flea and tick, and a shampoo specific for dogs which shed!


For pets that hate having a bath, the range also features waterless shampoos that have a no rinse, paraben and soap-free formula.


Sprays & Wipes


TropiClean’s deodorising pet sprays break down odours at their source, eliminating smells and leaving your pet and your home smelling fresh.


Wipes are great for travel and in between baths. Their alcohol-free formula removes dirt, dander, and tough odours quickly and easily, while moisturising and deodorising the skin.

Dental Products


Fresh Breath by TropiClean is a range of no brush formula products, which are incredibly easy to deliver to your pet. Their active natural ingredients provide up to 12 hours of fresh breath and defend against the formation of plaque and tartar.


Included in this range are a Dental Health Solution, oral gels and dental wipes.



Unlike other shampoos, PerfectFur focusses on delivering a solution to your dog’s breed, and the specific coat issues that breed can give. Naturally derived ingredients and free of harsh parabens or dyes, PerfectFur will not affect spot-on flea treatments.


There are 6 shampoos in the range and one detangler, all ready-to-use, vegan friendly and in recyclable packaging.

Not sure which PerfectFur product is the right one for your dog? Watch the video below.