Dog Rocks - Lawn Saver

A 100% natural and hassle-free solution to urine burn patches on your lawn and shrubs. Dog Rocks placed in your dog's drinking water will begin to filter out impurities such as tin, ammonia and nitrates. These impurities are usually passed out throug



You will need 1 x 200g pack of Dog Rocks in each water bowl. They will last for 2 months and must be changed after 2 months. Do not split the pack, if you reduce the dosage by splitting the pack you will reduce the effectiveness of the product.

Dog Rocks are the most cost effective, genuine, natural and original product on the market. Dont be fooled by fakes!

First discovered in Australia in the late '90s. Dog Rocks was tried, tested, and successfully launched into the Australian pet, vet and gardening markets. Dog Rocks is widely available and we have well over a million happy dogs and owners worldwide!

When we say our product is 100% natural we really do mean it! Our product comes straight from the ground. The Rocks are then run through a grader in order to size the rocks to prevent choking hazards. Dog Rocks are packaged in all natural, eco friendly boxes.

How do Dog Rocks work?

Dog Rocks are a coherent Rock with a mechanically stable framework meaning no significant mineral particles are released into the pet's drinking water. In other words, Dog Rocksdo not break down or leech anything into the pet's drinking water. Dog Rocks provide a stable matrix and a micro-porous medium in which active components are able to act as a water purifying agent through ion exchange.

When placed in water, Dog Rocks will help purify the water by removing some nitrates, ammonia and harmful trace elements. This will give your dog a cleaner source of water and lower the amount of nitrates found in their diet. This in turn will lower the amount that is expelled in their urine as an overload of nitrates in urine will cause lawns to burn. Dogs do produce nitrates as a by-product from the protein in their diet, but the difference between too much nitrate that will kill the grass and the amount of nitrate that will be good for the grass is very small.

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