Top Picks from Doodles Deli

11th May 2021

It’s only natural for you to treat your four-legged friends regularly! Whether it’s for training, entertainment or as a complimentary food, natural treats can provide a wide variety of health benefits. As pet parents so many options are available for treating and feeding our loved ones but whatever you decide is best it’s important to feed treats as part of a balanced diet to avoid obesity and other health issues.

1) Pigs’ Ears – These affordable dog chews remove plaque and dislodged food while chewing to improve overall oral health. Packed full of proteins and omega 3, Pigs’ Ears can help keep muscles strong and support cholesterol regulation while chondroitin and glucosamine help improve joint health.

2) Rabbit’ Ears – 100% natural with nothing artificial these natural dog treats are great for those with sensitive digestion and are suitable for dog breeds of all sizes. Ears with fur can be great for intestinal cleansing and their chewy nature help support healthy teeth and gums.

3) Biltong – Animals have been hunting and eating raw meat for essential proteins and fatty acids for years and Biltong can provide a great addition to your loved one’s diet. Low in fat with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives Biltong can be found in a range of sizes to suit your pet’s digestion.

4) Chicken Feet – These delicious and nutritious treats for your best friend may have otherwise gone to waste after human food production. A natural toothbrush these treats are ideal for improving oral hygiene the cartilage also contains a great source of glucosamine which can help to cushion the area between joints which is thought to help relieve pain from the joints and arthritis.

5) Lamb Grills – For your pooch all the natural dog treats found in Doodle’s Deli will look appealing but we appreciate for some people the appearance of some treats may be off putting, this isn’t the case with our Lamb Grills! Packed full of vital proteins with no added nasties or biscuit these treats are ideal for dogs with grain allergies and can provide a wide variety of health benefits.

All of these natural treats can be found in Doodles Deli, both online and instore.